I’ve been reading how important the first page of a novel is, so I assume this first post is super critical to my entire career as a writer and possibly my life as a human.  That seems like a lot of pressure though, and if you’ve looked at my “about” page, you know I’m not yet qualified for such a hefty task.  Perhaps once I’ve learned more I can revise this page so it becomes the epic introduction everyone expects.  Until then, you may have to deal with my information dumping and incomplete character development.

I’m also going to spoil the ending right now.  I’m going to finish a novel by the end of October 2018.

Now that I have the beginning and end of this adventure, I need the middle.  I don’t know enough about writing to plan the middle yet, so that’s where this site comes in handy.  I’ll be keeping track of “Act II” of the quest to complete a novel here, chronicling what I assume will involve a whole bunch of problems.  These problems may include misidentifying my “Act II,” but we’ll burn that bridge later.

I’m starting my second-ish draft of my project.  It has gone through several revisions, false starts, near-death experiences, and abandonments over the last decade so I’m not sure what to call its current state.  We’ll go with “second draft.”

This week, I’ll be starting in on National Novel Writing Month to help me add another 50,000 words to this draft.  Most people will start a new project at the beginning of the month, but as a ferocious rule follower, I’ve concluded I can start where I’m at so long as I only count the words written in November for my NaNoWriMo total.  I hope to put weekly updates here, and be warned!  They will involve graphs.

I hope you will follow my quest and provide assistance.  The hero always has friends, sidekicks, mentors, and random secondary characters who give them food.  I like bacon, just FYI.  The role of antagonist is already filled by impersonal forces working against my success though, so no need to apply there.


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