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NaNoWriMo Statistics & Graph

I told you there would be graphs!  As we begin this beautiful Sunday, I have 10,000 words added to my story since November 1.  That means I’m 20% done with my NaNoWriMo goal!

It has only been four days, but I’ve already learned quite a bit more about writing and my novel than I did on October 31.

I’ve added 10,000 words to what I started with, which was just over 9,000 words.  I have close to 20,000 words, and I’m still very much in the middle of Act I.  I guess this means I have more words than I thought, or my Act I needs some editing!  Probably a bit of both.

I was concerned I wouldn’t have enough words because I don’t explain things well.  Setting?  What setting.  I have no idea what my characters are wearing, though I assume they aren’t naked.  I’m envisioning trees and hills and grass in my head as I write the scenes, but frequently forget to write that down.  People have five senses, but my characters only talk about what they see.  It is a problem.  Thankfully, I still have a lot to write about!

This many words presents a challenge to my plan.  Revising will take longer than I expected, which is made more problematic by the fact I don’t know what to expect.  And I need to add trees and clothes and smells to the scenes.  There will be plenty of work to do after I’m done writing this draft!  I’ll have to wait to worry about that until then though.

My characters are developing nicely.  My main character has informed me she’s calmer than I planned, even if she’s got serious anxiety.  She’d also like me to know her parents were more brutal than I expected, which is kind of awesome.  And a secondary character is showing herself to be far more charming, and also more sneaky, than anticipated.  She’s going to be surprising at the end; I can already tell.

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How is your month going?  Hitting those word counts?  Let us know in the comments!


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