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Monthly Archives: December 2017

This year brought many changes into my life, from selling my home and moving into an apartment to becoming a cat lady for the first time.  If you’ve been following the blog, you also know it is the year I completed my first draft of The Story.  The Story has been on my mind for over a decade, and all previous attempts to get it down fully have failed.  So I count… Read More

Goodreads informs me I’ve read 53 books this year.  I imagine I might hit 54 by Monday, but we’ll go ahead and look to see how those 53 went.  28 of the books are non-fiction works.  14 have a religious angle, 5 are about writing, and the rest are business or history related.  Of the 15 fiction works, it looks like all are science fiction or fantasy. Non-Fiction.  I read quite a… Read More

Most weeks I do a blog post on “stuff I like” on Thursdays, but a post from my old blog popped up in my Facebook today and I’m sharing it again with some edits instead. Are you ready for Christmas?  I’m ready for it to be over.  So many of my friends have expressed exhaustion and anxiety over the holidays, and then further distress they’re doing something wrong for not feeling happy… Read More

If you missed my post last week, I finished the first draft of my novel.  I’d started so many times before but finally got it done this time!  I was very excited and ate a lot of food. This week, I did not do much with my draft.  “They” all say to put the draft away for anywhere from two weeks to three months, and I’d hate to not follow “them.”  This… Read More

If you recognize the title of this post, you’re in the right place today.  Somewhat recently, I subscribed to the fullscreen channel on Amazon.  For $5/month, I had access to classics such as Bring it On, Center Stage, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Amazon will no longer have this subscription starting next month, but I did enjoy it while it lasted. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is excellent even now, having aged well… Read More

I’ve had the idea for my novel for over a decade.  It has gone through many iterations as I thought through various details.  At one point, it was even set on earth and there was a nun involved! For each version, I started to write with grand intentions and would end a few weeks later with nothing more than the first act.  This happened every year or two, and it got to… Read More

What a beautiful start to December!  I live near a park, and this is the view of one of my favorite places on the path.  Go out and enjoy the weather if you’re able! One week since I won NaNoWriMo.  My current word count is 67,246, or around 7,000 words more than last week.  Wondering where the extra 10,000 or so words came from?  I started November with 9,953 words, and added… Read More