The End

I’ve had the idea for my novel for over a decade.  It has gone through many iterations as I thought through various details.  At one point, it was even set on earth and there was a nun involved!

For each version, I started to write with grand intentions and would end a few weeks later with nothing more than the first act.  This happened every year or two, and it got to the point I wasn’t sure I’d ever write it to completion.  It was the first draft that never happened.

That all changed yesterday!  After writing almost 78,000 words, I added two more: “The End.”  The first draft is complete!  The story is told!

I gained around eight pounds in celebratory eating.  I’m not even kidding – I weighed myself this morning.  I regret nothing.

There are many, many things left to do with the story.  Allowing the first draft to be crappy was a huge part of my success, but now I have a crappy first draft in need of editing. Here are just some examples:

  • The first act accounts for well over 30% of the story, which is excessive and unnecessary.
  • I decided to delete a character halfway through, so I’ll need to write him out of the first part.
  • I kept changing my mind about which bad guys got killed and who survived early battles so some of them appear sporadically
  • My descriptions are… not there?   I’m an engineer.  That’s my only excuse.  This will make up for all the words I’ll likely delete in the first part.

There are so many other things I’ll need to fix and most of them I don’t even know about yet.  But that’s another fun chapter to explore in this process!  For now, I’m planning another full day of eating and several days of just reading to reward myself.

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