If the Apocalypse Comes…

If you recognize the title of this post, you’re in the right place today.  Somewhat recently, I subscribed to the fullscreen channel on Amazon.  For $5/month, I had access to classics such as Bring it On, Center Stage, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Amazon will no longer have this subscription starting next month, but I did enjoy it while it lasted.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is excellent even now, having aged well in the last twenty years.  I’ve seen all the episodes and know how it ends, but still find myself anxious watching most episodes.  Spoiler alert – the world doesn’t end.  But I always think it might!

In honor of my subscription ending, let me tell you my top three favorite episodes from Season 1.

3. Nightmares.  This is on my list solely for the scene between Buffy and her father.  It was heart wrenching and left me in tears.  You can have her fight vampires, you can have her lack a social life due to saving the world all the time, and you can even kill her.  But don’t tell that poor girl her daddy doesn’t love her.

2. The Pack.  Principal Flutie’s last scene was so disturbing I remembered it even before watching the episode again.  I loved every bit of Xander’s part in this episode, from running in to “rescue” the geek from the bullies to going after Buffy with such hot confidence.

1. Prophecy Girl.  Buffy putting the smack down is always going to be awesome, and when her friends get to save the day too I just feel warm and fuzzy all over.  Cordelia finally makes her play here, and it doesn’t get much more awesome than driving into the school on your first proper demon fight.  I will admit to crying when the theme song came on while Buffy marched in to take on the Master.  Hum it with me!

What are your favorite episodes from Season 1?

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