I did pull away from the shiny editing software this week to spend more time on the larger revisions my novel needs to move forward.  It isn’t that those edits aren’t important.  It is just really likely I’ll be changing the words around anyway so there’s no need to spend a lot of time making them perfect at this point.

The edits have taken longer than I expected, but as I’ve never done this before I suppose that isn’t surprising.  I’m through the first act and managed to cut almost 10,000 words in the process.  There is more continuity, and the characters’ motivations are clearer.

Today I found a reason to do something I’d been plotting for some time.  Behold!  Staging a scene with Legos.

Everyone with hair or a helmet is a bad guy.  The one in purple losing the fight on the bottom right is our heroine.  It is important to keep these things clear.

The cats got in on the fun.  I asked Faramir for help getting the protagonist to rescue her friend, but he knocked over the small tree, picked up the big tree and moved it to the bag, and then wandered off with the flower.  He killed her friend in the process.  I think he must be a fan of the antagonists.

How is your writing going this week?  Are your pets helping or hindering your efforts?


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