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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Great news!  This week I completed the second(ish) draft of my novel!  There’s a scene I want to add and all sorts of things I’ll fix in the third draft, but for now, I can put this one aside for a bit. What am I doing in that break, you ask?  I’m going to be doing some thinking on the next novel.  It already has a file in Scrivener and in Aeon… Read More

I feel compelled to start this blog post with a special note about my driving record.  It is entirely clean.  No speeding tickets; I’ve never even been pulled over.  My worst “accident” was when I took a corner too hard in my parents’ car at 16 and dented the side on a pole.  I know of at least four times someone has backed into me and one time a friend drove over… Read More

Someone asked me last week how many drafts I plan for this novel.  It is an excellent question, but I have no idea as I’ve never done this before. I’m currently on my second-ish draft.  I wrote a draft-like collection of words over the summer but rewrote the whole thing as my “first” draft during NaNoWriMo.  Next, I updated my outline to fill in all the holes in the first draft.  That’s… Read More

Did you have that one book? The first one that made you sure you wanted more of the genre? The one that led you to seek out not just more books, but more books like that one? Mine was Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Once again, Earth is under attack. An alien species is poised for a final assault. The survival of humanity depends on a military genius who can defeat… Read More

Things are cruising along for this writer!  Last week, I participated in the first-ever CHIPS writing group meeting.  In addition to being educational, it was motivating and I’ve been working ahead on my second draft.  I have nine or ten chapters left on this run through. As an added bonus, that post generated more comments than I’ve ever received!  Record-setting while leveling up = winning. I’ll need a new story idea for… Read More

At the end of our writing group on Sunday, I showed off Aeon Timeline 2 to my friends and realized I’d not yet reviewed it here on the blog.   Lucky for you I shall do so today! Aeon Timeline makes my geek heart sing.  There’s the timeline, of course.  You can’t have timeline software with no timeline.  I didn’t realize how much a timeline would help me until I had one while… Read More

I waited two days to post my normal Sunday update so I could tell you my most grand news.  I am in an epic writing group!  We met last night and it was fantastic.  And there was food.  Our group name is CHIPS, but I can’t tell you why. Learning to write has involved all sorts of things I didn’t expect, like the suggestion to join a writing group for feedback.  This… Read More

As far as “stuff I like” goes, Lord of the Rings ranks pretty far up on my list.  I suppose that’s expected given my preferred genre of fantasy, but I like it for so many other reasons. This is the copy of Lord of the Rings I acquired during college, shortly before the movies.  I knew it was a fantasy classic, but I’d never read it.  I blew through it very fast… Read More