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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Great news!  This week I completed the second(ish) draft of my novel!  There’s a scene I want to add and all sorts of things I’ll fix in the third draft, but for now, I can put this one aside for a bit. What am I doing in that break, you ask?  I’m going to be doing some thinking on the next novel.  It already has a file in Scrivener and in Aeon… Read More

I feel compelled to start this blog post with a special note about my driving record.  It is entirely clean.  No speeding tickets; I’ve never even been pulled over.  My worst “accident” was when I took a corner too hard in my parents’ car at 16 and dented the side on a pole.  I know of at least four times someone has backed into me and one time a friend drove over… Read More

Someone asked me last week how many drafts I plan for this novel.  It is an excellent question, but I have no idea as I’ve never done this before. I’m currently on my second-ish draft.  I wrote a draft-like collection of words over the summer but rewrote the whole thing as my “first” draft during NaNoWriMo.  Next, I updated my outline to fill in all the holes in the first draft.  That’s… Read More

Things are cruising along for this writer!  Last week, I participated in the first-ever CHIPS writing group meeting.  In addition to being educational, it was motivating and I’ve been working ahead on my second draft.  I have nine or ten chapters left on this run through. As an added bonus, that post generated more comments than I’ve ever received!  Record-setting while leveling up = winning. I’ll need a new story idea for… Read More

At the end of our writing group on Sunday, I showed off Aeon Timeline 2 to my friends and realized I’d not yet reviewed it here on the blog.   Lucky for you I shall do so today! Aeon Timeline makes my geek heart sing.  There’s the timeline, of course.  You can’t have timeline software with no timeline.  I didn’t realize how much a timeline would help me until I had one while… Read More

I waited two days to post my normal Sunday update so I could tell you my most grand news.  I am in an epic writing group!  We met last night and it was fantastic.  And there was food.  Our group name is CHIPS, but I can’t tell you why. Learning to write has involved all sorts of things I didn’t expect, like the suggestion to join a writing group for feedback.  This… Read More

As far as “stuff I like” goes, Lord of the Rings ranks pretty far up on my list.  I suppose that’s expected given my preferred genre of fantasy, but I like it for so many other reasons. This is the copy of Lord of the Rings I acquired during college, shortly before the movies.  I knew it was a fantasy classic, but I’d never read it.  I blew through it very fast… Read More