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I waited two days to post my normal Sunday update so I could tell you my most grand news.  I am in an epic writing group!  We met last night and it was fantastic.  And there was food.  Our group name is CHIPS, but I can’t tell you why.

Learning to write has involved all sorts of things I didn’t expect, like the suggestion to join a writing group for feedback.  This was a particularly difficult action item since I didn’t know if I knew any writers.

Determined not to let such a little problem stop me, I formed a writing group with a webcomic artist and her husband who writes D&D modules.  A webcomic artist is a writer who decided to do the hardcore mode and draws them too if you didn’t know.   Then we found out a priest we are friends with writes fantasy and we had four in our group!

Yes, I’m certain having a priest in the group grants us a holy bonus or something.  We get advantage on all rolls!

That’s a good thing since we don’t know what we are doing.  Our careful and thorough research included reading the transcripts from all the applicable Writing Excuses episodes.  We figure they’re successful enough so it isn’t a bad place to start!

The whole experience was wonderful, educational, and motivating.  I am as excited about my friends’ projects as I am for my own, and can’t wait until the next meeting to find out what happens in their stories.  I’ll be sure to link to them here when they are ready for your eager consumption.

Their feedback was more useful than expected. I anticipated there would be parts they liked and parts they liked less but didn’t expect to find out they read a few items in a totally different way than planned.  As an example, I noted my protagonist has been visiting the shrine very early in the morning and she tells her friend it is because she doesn’t want to disturb her family when she wakes and it is warm there.  They took this as a sign regarding her character and religious behavior OR that she’s doing something secret.  Really, I just wanted to indicate she hasn’t been sleeping well.  Yay for reader feedback!

External validation isn’t neccessary to write, but it is nice to hear that the thing I’ve worked on for months in private is enjoyable to read.  I don’t know if that will translate to someone wanting to publish it or a group of adoring fans wanting to buy it, but it is a start.  And it is just, well, nice.

Here are the cats, reviewing our work prior to the meeting.



5 Comments on “Level Up!

  1. Some day I will be brave enough to attend my own local writing group. Thanks for the reminder that they really do help.

    • You can always go and silently stalk, er, research. They don’t need to know you have anything for them to look at initially. Or, offer to feed a group of reading friends. People will do a lot for food and you’ll get feedback (and snacks!) 🙂

  2. A not to be discounted benefit – accountability. Sometimes, my every other week group meeting was the only thing that got my butt in a seat putting words on a page.

    Best of luck to you!

    BTW, LitRPG is a big thing right now. Have you read anything in that genre or are you considering writing in it?

    • I’ve not read anything in that genre, and I’m not sure I’d heard of it before your comment. Do you have any recommendations?

      • Threadbare is really, really good, and I also loved New Era Online. Unfortunately, both these series have only one book complete. Eden’s Gate is pretty good if you want something that has more books out.

        Basically, LitRPG books take place in a world where the characters know they’re playing an RPG. They adventure and level up. and the mechanics of the game play are a big part of the story. Given your post, it sounds like something that may be up your alley.

        The great thing is that the genre is still new and is hungry for authors. Might be easier to make a splash in it than trying to swim in the huge ocean of epic fantasy.

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