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At the end of our writing group on Sunday, I showed off Aeon Timeline 2 to my friends and realized I’d not yet reviewed it here on the blog.   Lucky for you I shall do so today!

Aeon Timeline makes my geek heart sing.  There’s the timeline, of course.  You can’t have timeline software with no timeline.  I didn’t realize how much a timeline would help me until I had one while planning.  What was my heroine doing while the villain did his evil deed?  Does he have time to get to the Temple before she arrives?

This timeline includes way more than a simple listing of events.  It will track characters and their ages.  How old is her friend when the story starts?  Did I accidentally include someone who was already dead by a particular scene?  Not yet born?  257 years old as I’d failed to kill them?


Where does the event take place?  Who is involved?  Are they watching or participating?  As you can see, the software lets me answer all these questions.  I can color code it too!  Who doesn’t love color coding?

Another feature I didn’t expect but rely on heavily is connecting events so they all stay in order.  If I move one event in the sequence, the whole sequence moves so I can see the impact of my change on the history of my world.


There are many ways to search and sort the data as well, including switching from the timeline view to the relationship view.  It is possible to filter either view to only show specific characters, places, arcs, etc.


I bought this software in 2015 and have not been disappointed.  It comes with a 20-day free trial, or you can buy it now for $50.  It is well worth it for all the features.

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