Revisions and Evil Forces

Things are cruising along for this writer!  Last week, I participated in the first-ever CHIPS writing group meeting.  In addition to being educational, it was motivating and I’ve been working ahead on my second draft.  I have nine or ten chapters left on this run through.

As an added bonus, that post generated more comments than I’ve ever received!  Record-setting while leveling up = winning.

I’ll need a new story idea for that class, and I’ve already started working on the New Idea.  So far I have [Character], who is in his mid-thirties and a miner.  There are also the [Evil Forces], and as you might imagine, they are evil.  There’s also a mountain, though that’s not where [Character] mines.  Finally, there is magic.  I don’t know what kind yet, but it will be awesome.

This is all just preliminary work and I probably won’t even write my first draft until late this year, but it is fun to think about and plan.  It gives me plenty of time to work on that awesome magic system!

As for reading, I’ve recently finished Words of Radiance and Don’t Live for Your Obituary.  That gives me a total of six books for 2018, versus my goal of sixty.  I’m slightly behind at this point but am not worried.  Two of the six books were over 1000 pages long!

Writers, how is your writing going?  Readers, what are you reading?  What books should I add to my list to hit 60 this year?



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