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No post on Easter Sunday as I was far too busy enjoying family time as we ate our way through a brunch buffet of epic proportions.  To (loosely) quote my nephew: “Jesus didn’t just die on the Cross so we could go to Heaven, He also made it okay to eat bacon.”  Amen to both, Jacob.

My epic adventure to Dallas last month left me with more than some new writer friends and some new writer skills – it also gave me some new ideas on books to read.  David Farland, the instructor of the Dallas class, is the Coordinating Judge for the Writers of the Future contest.  I’d heard of the contest but hadn’t given it much thought, but upon my return home I downloaded two of the anthologies.  I just finished Volume 32.

The 32nd edition of Writers of the Future may be the best new book yet! Brand-new adventure through space, time and possibility.

Along the way these new authors will introduce you to fascinating characters such as Nate, a very loyal companion—like most werewolves would be. Keanie has a parasite that lets her morph and so transform into anyone. Liz owns a dinosaur maker, but raw ingredients can be a problem. Anna slaves away in a factory but her magic leaves her unfulfilled. These authors take creative writing to a whole new level!

The answers, the stories, the visions, and the mind-stretching possibilities are all waiting inside.

Welcome to the future of Science Fiction and Fantasy. It gets better every year. These are the award winning short stories of the international contest that have launched the writing careers of some of the best new books!

BONUS stories and articles on how to write by New York Times best sellers Tim Powers, Sean Williams, Brandon Sanderson, Sergey Poyarkov & L. Ron Hubbard.

This is a little harder to review since it consisted of several shorter stories instead of one long novel.  I’ve not read a lot of short stories, so I didn’t know what to expect.  There were a few I didn’t like, but I enjoyed most of the stories and found a few to be excellent.

My favorite was probably “Swords Like Lightning, Hooves Like Thunder,” written by K.D. Julicher.  I thought one of the major reveals was a bit too obvious, but I was having so much fun I didn’t care.  It was a fun little adventure with romance and a world and characters I wanted to learn more about before it finished.

I also enjoyed “The Sun Falls Apart” by J.W. Alden.  This was a different type of “enjoyment,” as I couldn’t put it down before I found out what happened, and then I was too terrified to sleep.  I woke up thinking about it the next morning.  In other words, it was well written!

The anthology includes the winners of the Illustrators of the Future contest, hosted by the same organization.  I don’t normally go for art, but these went with the stories and were so good it made me wish I’d purchased the hard copy instead of going with the Kindle version.

You can find Volumes 32 and 33 on Kindle Unlimited.  If you’ve never tried short fiction, this seems a fine way to start!

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