Slow (Verb): Reduce One’s Speed

I’ve been home from the Writing Enchanting Prose class for a month now, and I’ve been busily working on my third draft. The goal was to have it finished sometime in May to send out to some readers at the end of May or in June. That timeline isn’t working. Of the seven scenes I’ve worked on, four have labels of “NOT WORKING” or “BORING,” meaning I did all that work and don’t intend to keep them. At my present rate of revision, I’ll be done with this draft in October. That’s quite a change!


On the one hand, since I don’t really know what I’m doing, it shouldn’t be a surprise my plan was wrong. I plan every day at work and it is all based on what has happened before. Novel writing is a new adventure for me, so I don’t have any information to go on for my prediction. The story is much better for my efforts though, and I’m still having fun.

On the other hand, this is hard. I like my book, and I like writing, but I also want to put it aside at some point to move on to the next project. I was moving along at such good speed that this has been somewhat depressing. If I step up my rate quite a bit, I can still aim for July. Hopefully, things speed up as I progress. I hope?

My friend left me this on Twitter at a low moment this week.  It explains a lot.


The internets tell me this should be attributed to this artist.  I know nothing about art, but they have some pretty things there.  You should go look.

I did receive some positive news this week.  The writing group reviewed the revised first chapter of the third draft, and they labelled it a significant improvement.  That’s four people who think I write gooder! 😉

Off to write, my friends.  Have a fantastic week!

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