Sit. Stand. Cat.

Another non-book review on “Stuff I Like!” This is for my desk, which goes from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds via a crank on the side. I have the 48″ model for home and the 60″ model for work.


60″ desk at work

Sitting all the time is bad for our health, so adding the ability to stand is an excellent option. Most of us don’t want to stand the whole day though, and that has its concerns as well, so it is nice to crank it back down and sit.

Another great feature is the different levels for the keyboard and monitors. We want to make sure both our hands and our heads are in the right position for typing. This will help avoid neck and arm problems. The desk came with caster wheels, but I left them off so the unit is the right height for me, both sitting and standing.

I’ve had the desk at work for several years and it still holds up well. It seems very sturdy construction once built, and I expect to use both desks for many more years.

The only downside to this desk model is the instructions. There’s a very good risk of punching a bolt through the desk surface if you’re not careful, and the directions for attaching the legs are confusing enough I put them on backward. This may sound like a deal-killer, but now that you’re aware of the problems you can look for them. Also, the customer service was excellent and they replaced the desk surface immediately when called.

When upgrading to the standing desk, I also purchased a mat for standing. This helped reduce joint issues when spending more time upright. It is more comfortable. This model also comes with the most hilarious request for feedback I’ve ever seen.


48″ model at home.  Mat also shown.  Cat not included.

Do you sit at a desk all day? What do you to avoid the health issues associated with prolonged sitting?

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