Greetings, fair readers!

It is a rainy day here, and I’ve been coasting through some revisions.  That process is turning out to be rather dull and long but will make for a better product.


Calling it a “revision” may not even be accurate.  Following my March writing class, I’ve basically rewritten vast portions of my novel and added more detail in almost every paragraph.  It makes for a longer, but better, read.  My pre-class second draft with two POV characters clocked in at 68k words.  My current draft has the same number of words, but I only have one of the two POV characters written, and I have at least two more chapters with her yet to finish.

My goals for this week are to finish up most of the main protagonist’s POV chapters.  Then I’ll go back and rework or revise all the chapters for the other POV, hopefully by the end of July.  I’ll have a scene or two with the first POV again, and then my third draft will be complete.

The fourth draft should be much simpler!  Once it is complete, I’ll send it out to some readers and take a much-needed break.  Ideally, this will occur before I go on vacation in September with the Writing Excuses cruise!

I’ll get feedback from my readers, and then, if all goes well, I’ll finish the book.  It will probably be after my “one-year” goal from last October, but it’ll be close.  Not bad for not knowing what I was getting myself into.

Some have asked if my novel is “good.”  I think my story is good, or I wouldn’t be writing it.  Is it the best novel ever written?  No.  Is it readable?  Quite.  More importantly, I’ve learned a lot about writing and have had fun doing it so the second novel will be even better.  I will be a better writer for my second book, but all I have to do for my first novel is write the best I can write right now.  On that front, I’m successful.

In unrelated news, a friend of mine wants to write a non-fiction book in a few years, about his experiences right now.  What kind of notes should he be taking?



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