Goodbye, Third Draft

What an exciting week, readers!  I finished the third draft of my novel!

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It took quite a bit longer than I’d planned, but it is over now.  I learned so much in the process, however, and the novel is in much better shape than it was at the end of the second draft.

I cut out several chapters from a second POV character.  There was the main protagonist, running about the woods, trying to figure out herself and avoid the bad guy.  She took up most of the space in the book, and the story is about her journey.  The parts I deleted followed a young man in the bad guy’s camp as he attempted to find ways to spare the main character some pain.  This second character was very noble, and also very boring.

The prologue is also gone.  It has been in, out, in, and finally out again.  It is done, at least, so if I decide to add it back in, it won’t take much time.  I think I can put all the relevant information elsewhere in the story, though.

Now I’m on to the last revision before I send it off to beta readers.  This is going much faster than the third draft as I’m just cleaning things up here and there, so I should be done in far less time.  Let’s aim for a month!


In reading news, I finally read Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson.  I won’t have a review post about it, because I’d say all the things I’d say about The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance.  In other words, I loved it.  I think I liked it more than Words of Radiance.  Very thrilling!


This week, I’m reading Anthony Ryan’s third installment of The Draconis Memoria, The Empire of Ashes.  I thoroughly enjoyed both The Waking Fire and Legion of Flame, the first two titles in the series.  So far, this new one doesn’t disappoint.  I can’t wait to see how it ends!

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