Break is Over

Greetings, fair readers!  You might remember I announced the end of my almost-final-draft of my first novel about a month ago.  Then I took a break! This post marks the end of my four week break from any scheduled writing.

I have actually continued to write during this time.  It just hasn’t been planned and I’ve attached no stress to doing it or not doing it.  This has been wonderful, but I’m ready to get back to work!

What I’ve been working on:

  • Short Story.  Plucked from poverty and granted unusual eyesight by the government, Iris is on a mission to train a new agent and take out a rogue doctor.  Complications from her “upgrade” make the task more difficult and may make her a target.
  • Next Novel.  Yes, I am working on my next novel!  It is not a sequel to my first novel, but a whole new adventure.  The gods bless anyone who survives the trek to Kelyt’s Crest with the gift of healing or the gift of fire, except Renato.  He arrived and received nothing.  Renato and his new friends must figure out why or humanity may fall to a dragon invasion.
  • Dungeons and Dragons.  I’ve had way too much fun with this lately.  We started a new campaign and I play a Circle of Dreams Druid named Cedar.  New dice, new mini, new adventure.  Just to be extra geeky, you can check out my character sheet on D&D Beyond.
  • Skyrim.  If I’m not writing, I have to fill my time with something.  I recently finished Breath of the Wild, and went looking for another game.  Then I remembered I never beat Skyrim and jumped right back in, this time with mods.  I still haven’t beat it because I’m just wandering around enjoying the awesome world.

Starting this week, I will return to the world of my first novel.  Reader comments are in, and it is time to do a few more edits before I call it “finished.”

I leave for the Writing Excuses Retreat / Cruise in one month!

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