Con Crud and Cats

Two weeks have passed since my grand adventure on the Writing Excuses Workshop and Retreat on a CRUISE SHIP.  Just for information, con crud is a real thing.  I relented this week and picked up some antibiotics for a sinus infection.  Next year, I have plans to avoid getting so exhausted that my immune system abandons ship.  In the meantime, I’ve been hanging out and drinking hot toddies.  As one does.

Novel News

The second novel does continue, however. My critique group on the cruise recommended I review my naming conventions, so now there’s a spreadsheet. There’s always a spreadsheet. The draft of the first chapter is done, and there’s a plan (and several thousand words) ready for the next few chapters. November is National Novel Writing Month, and I think I’ll be well positioned to crush 50k when it starts.

Regarding the first novel, I submitted my first query letter to an agent.  This was too stressful to describe yet easier than I expected, all at the same time.  Don’t expect news on this end anytime soon as the whole process may take months.

All the Learning

I am continuing to process all the information received on the cruise.  I’m not sure I’ll ever capture everything in my brain, but here’s to trying.  Just to add to the fun, I purchased access to a whole bunch of David Farland’s online courses.  They’re on sale for $89 through at least tomorrow.  He did the class on prose in Dallas I attended.  Everything but the traffic was great, and I don’t blame him for those issues.

Several months ago, SFWA offered a free mentoring program. I signed up because at worst, I wouldn’t get a mentor. That’s no change from the current status there so why not? This week, I was matched with Arwen Spicer. How cool is this? I’ve done nothing for the writing industry at all yet, but here is SFWA offering this setup for free and there’s Arwen volunteering. She’s published two books. You should check them out!

I plan to do more this week than spreadsheeting names and outlining chapters, but for now, have some cats:

Cats on counter

We have Difficult Lives. Also, the counter is warm over the dishwasher.

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