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While on vacation, I read Brandon Sanderson’s Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds.

Cover of Legion

“Stephen Leeds is perfectly sane. It’s his hallucinations who are mad.” -From the book’s description


Stephen Leeds is gifted with a bunch of hallucinations who can remember anything he’s ever learned. They are all different characters, with different skillsets, and all help him solve mysteries.

This is such a neat concept.  Instead of seeing the hallucinations as only a burden, the character uses them to his benefit and for the benefit of others.  I don’t see hallucinations, but I know that my greatest strengths usually turn into my greatest weaknesses if I’m not paying attention.  The opposite must also be true and is explored in this story.  Stephen is successful at what he does through the use of his apparent weaknesses.

The book itself is compiled of three novellas following Stephen as he tackles different problems. There have been some complaints the third novella can only be purchased as part of the collection, which is double dipping for those readers who purchased the first two separately. I see their point there, but I’d not read any of them so this worked out for me.

Overall, I was very happy to read this story. I thought it was a fun, short read, especially in comparison to Sanderson’s other works. While we really only follow one real person for all three stories, the hallucinations are their own characters and seemed distinct. There was comedy and adventure as well as some very serious concepts.  I only had one minor complaint.


(There are spoilers below, so have a picture of my cat to save you if you’ve not yet read this.)

Faramir Rests

Faramir is my quality control agent.

My complaint is with the ending, which was too short to explain what all happened with Stephen and his hallucinations. They all go away, and I’m not sure why. I’m also not sure why he’s okay. I would have liked more of an explanation or follow up to what happens to him and his remaining aspect. And more details on that aspect in general. While I’m happy I read it, I want more, and not in the good way you’d want when reading a novel.  I wish this one had gone a little longer.

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