December Writing

December was a quiet month coming off some exciting things in November, but it was a good month overall for writing and for life.

The First Novel

This novel is titled Defiant, but nobody knows that, so I’ll just keep calling it The First Novel.  I queried an agent in October, and then put that process on hold until after the holidays.

I’m very happy with finishing this novel, and completing it was the only goal I had when I started.  Everything else is added icing on an already lovely cake, so you probably won’t see me talk much more about this one in 2019 if it doesn’t go anywhere.

The Second Novel

This novel is tentatively titled Dragon Herald, which should tell you there are dragons!  The writing on this slowed down in December due to work demands, but I spent a lot of time on the plan.  I have over ten pages for the outline and have hopped right back into the writing after Christmas.

My goal for this novel is to complete it in 2019, though I’ve extended my target for the first draft to the end of March.  That will let me take April off from this story, which aligns with my actual hiking vacation.  If all goes well, I’ll do a short story in April.

Other 2019 Goals

I do other things besides write and play with my cats!  I like to exercise, so several goals address my health.  I need to get in shape to keep up on a hike in April (see below) and find I feel better if I exercise daily.  So that’s my target.

In a similar area, I’d like to eat healthier.  I used a gift card to do some adulting over Christmas, and now have a toaster oven which will roast broccoli in 20 minutes (including pre-heat).  I enjoy roasted veggies, but warming up the oven and cooking them there takes too long to hold my interest.  I’ve had vegetables three days in a row with this wonderful item.

I am not a morning person.  I have never been a morning person.  I will probably never be a morning person.  Mornings are terrible times when the world is going, but my brain isn’t quite at full speed.  I bought a nifty light therapy lamp a few weeks ago and use it for half an hour each morning while I eat.  I am still not a morning person, but mornings are significantly better.  The plan for 2019 includes daily use of this as well.


I’m going on a hiking trip with my sister in law in April!  This will be a guided five-day hike, and I won’t be carrying a huge pack like I did in Colorado.  We’ll return to a hotel each evening for a hot shower and a cold beverage.

The other big trip for 2019 is the Writing Excuses Conference and Retreat. This is an excellent writing conference, and it is on a boat, so there’s that to consider.  I went this year and had an excellent time.  You should join us!

Sunset at Sea

Sunset at Sea


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