Calendar Of Win

Last time, I recommended Finish by Jon Acuff.  I liked it so much, I bought one of his calendars.  I think I’m supposed to use it to plan, but I’m using it mostly to track.


Each week, I put my goals in a black permanent marker.  Then each day, I add in red if I’ve hit my goal, and blue if I don’t.  Why blue? Because I wanted green, but I only had blue.  Why green?  Because any day with words is a good day, even if I don’t hit my goal.

What about those days with no words?  Sometimes, that’s going to happen, and it is okay.  You’ll note I hit my weekly goal both weeks, even with a few empty days. 4000-5000 words a week is more than a few, and at that rate, my book would be well over 200k in under a year.  (For reference, The Fellowship of the Ring is around 177k.)

There are currently 75,000 words in my draft, but that includes multiple versions of the same scenes and several areas of notes.  Let’s assume 50k for actual, non-repeatable story words.  I have no idea how long it will be, but I suspect 125-150k.  With my rate of writing and that target, I should be finished by the end of June at the outside.  Just in time for my birthday!

That is a long time from now, though.  It could get depressing.  Day by day, thinking, “Oh, I didn’t do much today.  I’m never going to finish.”  That’s where this calendar comes in, as I can look at it each time I have those thoughts while writing and see that yes, the elephant is getting eaten.  One bite at a time.

This also prevents me from worrying about how much “more” I could get done if I just worked a little harder or stayed at my desk a little longer.  I have other things in life to do, like feed the cats and defeat Daedra in Elder Scrolls Online.  There’s also that full-time job thing as well, but who is counting?  I can rest easy in my hobbies after work, knowing I have accomplished my daily goal for writing.

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