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We are 17 days into nanowrimo, and at the end of yesterday, I had 35,000 words.  I could write a little more than 1000 words a day and hit the 50k by the end of the month, so there’s some good news. 50k does not make a fantasy novel, however, so I will still have plenty of work to do once I “win.”  I’ll slow down a bit at that point, and… Read More

Deep in Nano!

Greetings and happy November!  As promised last week, I’ve started NaNoWriMo.  We’ll see how it goes.  Last year, I decided to cut my effort short as I had too much going on with other parts of my life.  Work gets busy during this time, and although I don’t spend a lot more time there, I do spend a lot more of my creative energy.  So far, so good though!  I have over… Read More

Greetings, readers!  I am sorry about skipping last week; these things happen when you’re planning your next novel!  Nanowrimo starts this Friday, and all of my plans are in place to crush the 50k goal.   You can find me there at “julieowrites” if you’re joining in the fun! The second book is still resting on the shelf as some people read it, but I also had another group read the first chapter. … Read More

We are all the way up to Chapter Twenty in our journey through my very first novel.  There are twenty-four chapters total, so we are wrapping it up soon.  What would you like to see next? Novel Three continues in the planning phase, kicking and screaming.  I’m using Scrivener, Excel, Aeon Timeline, Wonderdraft, and Scapple to organize it as much as possible in the hopes of having a usable outline at the… Read More

Greetings and happy Sunday!  I’ve sent off the third draft of my second novel, Dragon Herald, to some readers.  This week, I’m working on the outline for the third novel, The Sister’s Mage.  If everything works according to plan, it might be ready to draft in time for Nanowrimo.  We’ll see! Here’s chapter 19 of Defiant while we wait!

Wow!  It has been one week since the Writing Excuses Cruise, and another change from last year is I have all the energy in the world to write.  I’m wrapping up the third draft of my second novel.  Once it is out to readers, I’ll continue planning the third novel, and then start drafting it sometime in November or December. We’re on to Chapter Eighteen in my first novel, Defiant.  As a… Read More

Quick post today as I’m preparing to leave the Writing Excuses Conference and Retreat.  I’ve had a fantastic time, met a lot of great people, and learned new writing things. Look for a post later recapping my thoughts, but in the meantime, have a sunset! If you’re new to this party, I’m posting my first novel one chapter at a time.  I wrote the entirety of this story before my first Writing… Read More

I am posting this to you well in advance of when it will show up on Sunday because Sunday is the day I will board the ship for the Writing Excuses Conference and Retreat. I’m on a boat!  And if you don’t catch that reference, don’t worry about it.  But I do hope you enjoy Chapter Sixteen and remember to like me on Facebook!

News! I’ve dropped Twitter. I tried it for two years, and I just can’t get into it. Don’t despair dear readers though, you can find me on Facebook. Check out my new writer page via the link to the right. Like the page to see updates from me on Facebook. Please note that Facebook probably won’t show you all my posts, so if you really like me, you can tell Faceboook notify… Read More

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