Julie Oldham Writes


I mentioned I read Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan last week, and I loved it.  This explanation may sound strange but bear with me.  With many fantasy novels I read and love, I have a feeling of “oh wow, this is so cool!”  With this novel, I felt more “Crap!  That’s bad!  What will happen next?”  It was a different, but good experience. The Age of Kings is dead . …. Read More

    It is the season for walking!  This is one of the few pretty photos you’ll find here I didn’t snag off of a free photo site.  I took this on a recent morning walk to the park nearby.  No filters were necessary. This week was a little less productive on the novel writing, but I did develop the backstory for a wood elf cleric.  No, I’m not currently involved in… Read More