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Welcome to my annual review of the Writing Excuses Conference and Retreat, aka the Writing Excuses Cruise.  I’m calling it “annual” now because I plan to repeat it every year I can attend, so you can probably guess this review is positive.  Everything I wrote last year is still valid, though I feel a bit better equipped to tell you why I had such a good time and why you should join… Read More

February Writing Only about 4,000 words written for the novel.  Why the decrease from January’s 42k?  I finished my first draft, that’s why!  The end flew by, mostly because I didn’t write as much there as I did at the start of the novel.  I already knew many of my planned revisions would affect the end, so I spent a little less time worrying what the trees in any particular location looked… Read More

What an exciting week, readers!  I finished the third draft of my novel! It took quite a bit longer than I’d planned, but it is over now.  I learned so much in the process, however, and the novel is in much better shape than it was at the end of the second draft. I cut out several chapters from a second POV character.  There was the main protagonist, running about the woods,… Read More

Greetings, fair readers! It is a rainy day here, and I’ve been coasting through some revisions.  That process is turning out to be rather dull and long but will make for a better product. Calling it a “revision” may not even be accurate.  Following my March writing class, I’ve basically rewritten vast portions of my novel and added more detail in almost every paragraph.  It makes for a longer, but better, read. … Read More

Last week, I set a goal for writing of 60 minutes per day.  I more than made this with an average of 70 minutes each workday!  Family is in town this weekend, and they take priority, so the workload has gone down.  That’s a good reason! Next week, hopefully, more of the same.  I feel very good about my book and figure at my present rate, I’ll add about 50,000 words between… Read More

When I google how much authors write, I usually end up with word counts per day.  This page states Ernest Hemingway did 3000 words a day, for example.  They have 38 other authors and their counts, as well. This was a fantastic metric during NaNoWriMo when I attempted to complete 50,000 words in one month.  I succeeded, and now I am editing that same story.  Editing = not pounding out 3000 words… Read More

I’ve been home from the Writing Enchanting Prose class for a month now, and I’ve been busily working on my third draft. The goal was to have it finished sometime in May to send out to some readers at the end of May or in June. That timeline isn’t working. Of the seven scenes I’ve worked on, four have labels of “NOT WORKING” or “BORING,” meaning I did all that work and… Read More

Revising Remember how I went on that epic trip and learned all that stuff?  I’ve been applying it this week on my third draft.  I spent a long time on the prologue, writing it from two different point of view characters.  Then I gave up on that and moved on to the first chapter.  I rewrote, revised, and added.  Then I color coded sections, looking for kinetic, audio, and visual parts.  It… Read More

March is only halfway complete and it has already been quite eventful. I took a week of vacation and headed to Dallas for a Writing Enchanting Prose class with David Farland. It was educational, fantastic, fun, and a little terrifying. I met many excellent people and can’t wait to see them again at some future writing event. You can read all about my trip here. Better yet, you can attend a class… Read More

Someone asked me last week how many drafts I plan for this novel.  It is an excellent question, but I have no idea as I’ve never done this before. I’m currently on my second-ish draft.  I wrote a draft-like collection of words over the summer but rewrote the whole thing as my “first” draft during NaNoWriMo.  Next, I updated my outline to fill in all the holes in the first draft.  That’s… Read More

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