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Things are cruising along for this writer!  Last week, I participated in the first-ever CHIPS writing group meeting.  In addition to being educational, it was motivating and I’ve been working ahead on my second draft.  I have nine or ten chapters left on this run through. As an added bonus, that post generated more comments than I’ve ever received!  Record-setting while leveling up = winning. I’ll need a new story idea for… Read More

I did pull away from the shiny editing software this week to spend more time on the larger revisions my novel needs to move forward.  It isn’t that those edits aren’t important.  It is just really likely I’ll be changing the words around anyway so there’s no need to spend a lot of time making them perfect at this point. The edits have taken longer than I expected, but as I’ve never… Read More

This week, like last week, was all about the revision.  Or is it, “Revisions happened this week, like last week?”  Perhaps, “I did revisions this week, like last week.”  The Grammarly extension for Firefox is fine with all of the above.  The Hemingway Editor isn’t happy with the “perhaps.”  AutoCrit thinks I need more text to analyze.  My plan did not include getting this deep in line editing this week, but I’m… Read More

Last month, I finished my first draft of my first novel!  It was fantastic, and I’m so happy to accomplish that goal. Several of my friends and family want to know when they can read my novel.  It is really very sweet of them, but they don’t understand how bad my first draft is.  Some reply that I’m likely too hard on myself, and then I tell them I end one chapter… Read More

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