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While on vacation, I read Brandon Sanderson’s Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds. Summary Stephen Leeds is gifted with a bunch of hallucinations who can remember anything he’s ever learned. They are all different characters, with different skillsets, and all help him solve mysteries. This is such a neat concept.  Instead of seeing the hallucinations as only a burden, the character uses them to his benefit and for the benefit of… Read More

What an exciting week, readers!  I finished the third draft of my novel! It took quite a bit longer than I’d planned, but it is over now.  I learned so much in the process, however, and the novel is in much better shape than it was at the end of the second draft. I cut out several chapters from a second POV character.  There was the main protagonist, running about the woods,… Read More

I’ve been (half-heartedly) complaining my goal of 60 books in 2018 will be hard to hit if I keep picking up 1000 page epics, but that didn’t stop me from going from The Way of Kings right into Words of Radiance.  Both are by Brandon Sanderson and are part of his Stormlight Archive. Expected by his enemies to die the miserable death of a military slave, Kaladin survived to be given command… Read More

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