Julie Oldham Writes


Last week, I set a goal for writing of 60 minutes per day.  I more than made this with an average of 70 minutes each workday!  Family is in town this weekend, and they take priority, so the workload has gone down.  That’s a good reason! Next week, hopefully, more of the same.  I feel very good about my book and figure at my present rate, I’ll add about 50,000 words between… Read More

I waited two days to post my normal Sunday update so I could tell you my most grand news.  I am in an epic writing group!  We met last night and it was fantastic.  And there was food.  Our group name is CHIPS, but I can’t tell you why. Learning to write has involved all sorts of things I didn’t expect, like the suggestion to join a writing group for feedback.  This… Read More

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