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This was a busy week for writing! I finished the first draft of the first chapter of my third book, currently called THE LADY’S MAGE.  I wanted to finish this up now because I may have the opportunity to have it reviewed in a critique group on the Writing Excuses Conference and Retreat (and Cruise). Once I was finished with that, I worked on a query letter for the second novel (DRAGON… Read More

This week was crazy with a wedding and work travel, but I pondered my next novel while driving.  I have the basics of the characters, setting, and conflict.  The plot is sketchy at parts, but my characters don’t know how to solve the conflict yet either, so I have some time. The second novel is still in progress, don’t worry.  I’m letting it rest for a bit, and then I’ll go back… Read More

I mentioned last week I had a goal to finish this draft by mid-September.  Well, I did it this week.  I realized my vision of a completed draft included a lot of edits that probably belong to the next draft.  There’s no knowing if I am labeling these drafts correctly, but it is my book so who cares.  So, second draft is done! While I let that draft rest a bit, I’ve… Read More

I’ve made a new goal for this draft of Book #2 – finish it by 9/13.  That’s when I go on the Writing Excuses Retreat, Conferene, and cruise, and a perfect breaking point between drafts.  Now to just do it! We’re to Chapter Nine of Defiant.  I hope you enjoy!

It was a busy week here in Julie Land, so let’s start with the most important thing: I posted my cheesecake recipe a few days ago.  People always ask for cheesecake from me, and now you too can perform this incredible feat of magic by following this extraordinarily simple recipe.  Seriously, it isn’t a big deal. The other big news is I attended the Realm Makers Conference.  It was a fun and… Read More

Writing news this week: I’m off to the Realm Makers Conference next weekend.  Are you also attending?  Let me know and we’ll chat! In this chapter of Defiant, we have a chase scene and combat.  Aida is in a lot of trouble!

People have asked how much longer I’ll be working on my second novel, and the answer is, “I do not know, but I guess we’ll find out!”  The second novel’s journey is very different from the first novel’s. The first novel stewed in my brain for almost two decades before I finally got it all down on the page.  That’s a lot of time to soak in everything, find out who the… Read More

Work on my second novel continues, and I’m even working on some ideas for the third one.  It’ll be set in space!  In the meantime, we have Chapter 5 of my first novel, Defiant.  We learn more about the magical powers of the Kort while Aida tries to get information. You can find all earlier chapters here.

Work continues on my never-ending unnumbered draft of my second novel.  Adding two more Point of View (POV) characters after the first draft has proven time-consuming.  It is worth it though; I’m really proud of the story so far. To answer a common question, the second novel is unrelated to the first.  They recommend moving onto a different novel instead of a sequel, at least until the first novel sells.  This way,… Read More

I’ve discovered posting these chapters is encouraging for my current project.  I’m in the midst of revisions, which is somehow both exciting and a slog at the same time. By revisions, I don’t mean editing for grammar and spelling.  That will come much later.  I’m going through and adding bits here and there to develop character arcs and fix plot holes and add all the emotion and detail I’m told readers want. … Read More